The game that not only shakes up the cards, but also your consciousness!

Who will be king of values?

Values – the glue that holds our world together.

We have been bringing values to the table since 2019!

Our VALUES GAME is the secret weapon for epic discussions about the things that really matter in life. Whether in the family, with customers, in the team, at school or between friends – it’s not just about gambling, but also about what’s really important: values.

With the versatile basic version and, of course, add-on card sets, we have not only created a game, but also sparked a value revolution!

Have you ever talked to your boss about what’s really important to him? Now is the time.

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Play the cards of your life – where every move is a step towards a deeper connection.

Who is our game for?

In short: for everyone who not only has cards, but also values up their sleeves. Organizations, coaches, teams, sports teams, families, and yes, also for your crazy circle of friends.

Our game is not just a game. It’s a way to discover your own values, reflect on them and share them with others.

Why? Because this is the key to a strong community and effective collaboration. Communication and a deep understanding of yourself and others is key.

What actually are (my) values?

Our game not only offers exciting hours, but also a top-class school of values. Definitions, interpretations - we don't just make cards, we make values great!
So, what are you waiting for? Reveal your cards and get ready for a journey to the depths of your values.
values-champion – because values are not just letters, they are the key to a fulfilled life!

Voices from the game:
What our players say!

Are you the symbol of SATISFACTION or do you live for ACTIVITY? Do you feel the warmth of INSPIRATION or the pulse of CREATIVITY?

This game can lead to intense conversations and a sudden understanding of fellow human beings. Players also report an increased awareness of values, team spirit, friendship and feelings of happiness. For risks and side effects, please contact your trusted coach. Participation is at your own risk.
This game makes it possible to deal with personal values in an entertaining, quick but profound way.
Each card hides a piece of our personality.
Have fun discovering them!
Marcel – Game developer

Moderated game rounds for companies

In these exclusive game rounds, our experienced values experts create a space for meaningful discussions that not only promotes personal growth, but also lays the foundation for stronger collaboration & is fun to boot.
A supervised game can professionally record sensitivities and show a constructive way to understand each other better, break down prejudices and promote solidarity.
Discover your values together and how you affect each other and of course:
Find out who will be crowned King of Values.